About Us

 The publishing company is an extension of the first book and the others that followed.  C&V 4 Seasons Publishing represents my beautiful daughter’s names, Christina and Victoria; 4 seasons reflect memories during the 4 seasons of the each year.  C&V 4 Seasons Publishing was inspired by a wonderful childhood filled with many happy memories made possible by my mother.  As I too wish to do the same for my children.  As far as writing goes, two things inspire me to write.  The first is the thought that one day a child will pick up one of my children’s books, read it, and smile.  I may no longer be on Earth, but with my heavenly Father, and I will smile with the child.  And the second is the thought knowing that I left my imprint in history for someone to find joy as they read my stories.

C&V 4 Seasons Publishing Company has reached its first goal to publish a children’s four book set.  It is a blessing to have completed that goal! Now, follow me on Facebook to see what’s next.