Meet the Illustrators

“Christmas Night on the Farm”

lcLauren Crymes is an artist and designer from Conway Arkansas, who has always loved the printed word.  Her primary medium is oil paint and currently she is working at the Log Cabin Democrat as a Graphic Designer.  Lauren has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Central Arkansas and is also studying design at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Christmas Night on the Farm was her first Illustration project, but she was easily inspired by the author’s personal memories. The artist hopes her work brings the Christmas spirit and this Christmas story to many people for years to come

“Grandma’s Thanksgiving Dinner”

paigePaige Mason was born in Fresno, California 1992, where she spent most of her life, until receiving an athletic scholarship from the University of Arkansas – Little Rock. Because of her years dedicated to the sport of soccer, her talents prevailed and opened doors of opportunity as she decided where to begin her secondary education. Her goal in life was to use her love of soccer to aid the expenses of college and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts.
Upon completion of college, Paige Mason hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming an illustrator or storyboard concept artist. With the responsibility of these professions she wants to expose illustrated literature, film, and arts to black characters, and add variety to character concepts. Her current work in progress, is a wordless, children’s book, with the intentions of teaching children about their primary and secondary colors, and the power of observation.

 “Down Home in Arkansas” (A Family Reunion Story)

unnamedWade Hampton Birthed in the state forged by Native Americans, Civil War battles, blues and folk music, diamonds, and nine students that helped establish the spirit of the civil rights movement, Wade Hampton was provisioned with inspiration that would lay claim to a unique journey of artistic declaration.

The history of the ‘Natural State’ broadened Wade’s view to seek education within the ‘Show-Me State’.  That which gave way to the lifestyle and culture of the ‘Big Apple’.  This ‘gateway to the world’ is where Wade honed his artistic talents on the canvas.  Leading him to an artisan’s approach towards dance and movement.

The world-class museums, art galleries, highly-regarded visual art and dance institutions, catapulted what was already a burgeoning mind of creation and artistry.  Thus, allowing Wade to expand his knowledge of art at the School of Visual Arts.  He participated in a profusion of art exhibitions throughout the NYC metro area, towards Arkansas and back to New Jersey.  And was introduced to the dance training, rehearsals and performance world, of the NYC Caribbean, Latin and African dance cultures.

This experience and growth ushered Wade towards a new market of the southwest art clientele, the Cirque du Soleil and theatre community, and the Latin, Caribbean, and African performance and social dance communities.  Always in concept, always moving forward, Wade will continue to evolve and “Live” the journey.  For more information, visit WADE75.COM.

“My Easter Story”

Rex DeLoney’s colorful, vibrant artwork conveys the messages of hope, faith, and the everyday joys and struggles of life. His work is reflective of his life, past and present; a life that has been enriched with the love and desire to create art that tells a story and evokes memories for anyone that views his work. Mr. DeLoney’s artworks are created from spiritual themes and meaningful, thought-provoking expressions of humanity as it relates to the African American Culture.

Rex Deloney is an Art instructor and Chairman of the Fine Arts Department at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been sharing his unique passion, skill and love of teaching art with students for over 25 years in both Washington State, and most recently in Central Arkansas. The artist/educator is a native of North Little Rock, and graduate of North Little Rock Northeast High School. He received his B.A. in Commercial Art from the University of Central Arkansas in 1988, and a M. Ed. Degree from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington in 2002.

My goal as an artist is to create images that convey messages of hope, faith, and the everyday joys and struggles of life. I intentionally paint to explore the symbolic meanings and responses to the use of color. My imagery is created from spiritual themes and meaningful, thought-provoking expressions of humanity as it relates to the African –American Culture.

"Papa's Pets"

Rhonda Adams is a lover of all things creative. She was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and currently resides in Little Rock, where she works as a gifted and talented education facilitator. Rhonda attended the Art Institute of Houston and uses her creative abilities to educate students through amazing 3D interactive bulletin board displays.  Working on a project for Disney and being able to expose children to creativity on its highest level through Destination Imagination creative problem solving competitions, are just a few of the accomplishments that make Rhonda the creative powerhouse that she is.  As an ongoing extension of "All things Creative", Rhonda enjoys creating paintings that enhance a great story.

With Rhonda's creative passion, she hopes her artistic and imaginative illustrations will bring the cute and playful story of Papa's Pets alive and inspire the love of learning, through God's little creatures and Papa's relationship with his little friends, in a fun and creative way.